Friday, April 5, 2013

The Interviews: Setting them Up

The Interviews: Setting them Up: April 5, 2013
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For the past couple of days there has been nothing but chaos on my end. My phone has been constantly going off with calls from my mom, texts from secretaries, and reminders to do this or to do that. I have never been so glad for the invention of "silence" on a phone. I can see the notifications but don't have to hear the noise go off to let me know. The whole reason for this chaos is that I am setting up the interviews for my temple recommend. 

First, the issue was that I would be leaving on my mission from my moms ward (will be my ward again soon) but once they actually got the records there was complications with scheduling so back the records went to my ward.

Second, the issue of getting the stake interview appointment set up. Normally they have these interviews on Tuesday but I didn't actually arrive back in Rexburg until later that night which makes my situation a little unique. 

Now, I already had the bishops interview set up with the Bishop in my singles ward so that was a small relief but I am still waiting to find out what will happen with my stake interview and for that matter when it will happen. So far here is the schedule:

16th- Arrive back in Rexburg
17th - Interview with the Bishop for Temple Recommend
20th - Endowment Session at the Salt Lake City Temple
24th - Report to the M.T.C. at 9 AM.

Anyone else see why I am ready to pull out my hair here? What I am hoping will happen (my mom as well) is that the stake interview will happen the same night as the bishops interview and that I will be set apart as a missionary on Sunday after I give my talk or that night. Here's hoping!

Then there is the matter of my talk. I have written the talk several times now but nothing seems to be flowing or working right so I just end up back where I start! I will be making another attempt at my talk again tomorrow during the break between the General Conferences. If I get it done (or at least a rough draft) I will be a happy camper that something is working. I have decided that I will post my talk the week before I land back in Rexburg as I am not sure there will be another chance! For all I know that will be the last time that I am directly writing this blog.

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