Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update August 12, 2013

It was a tiring this week this week. I had not been able to sleep well at all. Only catching a few hours each night. On Monday, all of the missionaries wanted to do something different so we went "shopping" aka follow Sister Hanseen around to stores and look at stuff. While we were in store that sell Penn State stuff I got a call from the doctor (GI specialist) calling to set up an appointment for September 4th (4 days before the end of this transfer). At FHE we did water balloon battleship and then a full on free for all. Of course, Yong decided to start that part early so Sister Yates and I went after him and landed a few balloons on him.
Tuesday before Forums we taught Yong. We found out in his lesson that he now has the Aaronic Priesthood as of the past Sunday. We had no clue and we were teaching him about priesthood! Yong decided that he would join us whenever we had forums so he came with us to forums. Of course, this is the first forums where the campus police decide to show up. Apparently the Palmer museum (on campus - we were standing in front of it) had had some people say someone was handing stuff out in front of it. It is illegal without authorization through the school, we had permission. After some report stuff everything was fine. We also went to the leasing office to get all the apartment stuff rearranged and it looks like it might take forever for me to get a new bus pass (my last one expired).
Wednesday morning brought allergies. Yep! Apparently I have them. Not cool. My right eye was real bad and I couldn't keep it open. Thankfully, Sister Hanseen had eye drops and allergy medicine. After district meeting and lunch, Sister Yates and I went to CVS Pharmacy to pick up allergy medicine and eye drops. Allergy medicine is expensive!!! We had a lesson with Yong about eternal marriage - it went amazing well. He was way excited about having an eternal family. He said it made sense. We went to the Leavitt home and had dinner with them. They are an amazing family!! That night we had the last institute for a couple weeks - the 28th of August we will pick up again in the Pasq.
Thursday brought the allergies back again. It didn't help that I had only a couple hours of sleep that night. We had Yong's last lesson on enduring to the end. :( He told us that it just was basically review for him but he loved the lesson anyway. At Forums, I ended up sleeping on the stone steps due to a massive migraine and allergies. I literally was swaying back and forth. Not very balanced. Sister Yates participated in Forums while I attempted to sleep on one of the elders bags. Not comfy but the medicine was able to kick in so I was semi there after forums. After dinner we went street contacting but met no one. During that time Sister Yates and I just talked getting to know each other.
 Friday was a day of firsts and lasts. We began weekly planning (we did two hours of it). We then went to have lunch at Baby's with Yong and Katilyn. It was a goodbye lunch for Yong. He would be leaving on Saturday. He helped us out with one last lesson with a girl named Polaris who had been taught by sisters before but was gone for the summer in China. We ended up having dinner at Panera's via a gift card that the Sassers gave us. That night when we got back we finished weekly planning and had a forty minute companion inventory. Nothing bad - we were just getting to know each other. After weekly planning we closed with a prayer and began daily planning with
the same prayer. Sister Yates then got up and went over to the couch. I gave her a strange look and then she realized that we actually needed to do daily planning. She said she forgot because we had done so much planning already.

Saturday started out funny. During companion study, Sister Yates was doing a yoga pose while we were reciting scripture so I pushed her over and she landed on the ground in laughter and shock. Yong came by a little later with a Penn State bear (for me) and a Penn State color bracelet for Sister Yates. After a whole switcaroo thing a ma jig that I don't even understand we were informed that we were having dinner with the Shaws on Sunday and not the Collins. We then went to an apartment building and visited three potentials and an older women we help out. We also went by a less active girl’s home but she was not there so we left her a note. That night we spent over an hour organizing our area book, finding binder, and white board. Nowhere near done. After planning, I was picking up my stuff when I went to get a notebook of mine Sister Yates had a funny reaction. I leaned forward to get it and she screamed and fell over (she had been stretching). I spent the next several minutes laughing.
On Sunday at church, our investigator that was actually in town did not show. He texted us later saying that he slept in as he stayed up working on a paper. We spent more time on the area book and finding binder (it is a complete and utter disaster) after church and then after dinner. We had dinner with the Shaws, Chris and Christy. All fours are returned missionaries. For the spiritual thought, I shared part of Thomas S. Monson's talk "Dare to Stand Alone" and his experience in the Navy and the scripture Alma 5:44. It was wow, it was amazing. That night while doing training, we heard a knock on the door and it is the other sisters with a frog (Sister Hanseen held the frog while Sister Hurdsman held a camera). I immediately went to shut the door not wanting the frog in the apartment. Sister Yates comes up behind me and decides to hold the frog. Sister Hanseen then informs us that the frog had peed on her! Yuck!!! Later, after daily planning, I decided that our district leader, Elder Daniel's, was taking to long to call for the call in summary report and I needed to do something so I cleaned my closet. I found a tie in there that I ended up giving to the elders this morning, Elder Trotman took it. Then Elder Daniels called and while I was talking to him about the week our sister training leader called. We called her back and talked to her about everything with the changes and our week.

 The first picture is Sister Yates and I with Yong at forums on Thursday.
The second picture is Sister Yates and I after we were told we were officially companions.
The third is a tree that was hit by a car...the joys of living in a college town!!
The fourth is a picture of our white board with all the information for the University 2nd sisters as of Saturday and it already needs to update again."
Sister Erin Kingsford

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