Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update from the MTC

Hi Everyone...

This is Erin's mom. Erin has decided to send me letters to keep her blog updated so everyone has an idea what is going on. So I will retype her letters here, post them to Facebook so you can see them and then add updates from the things she has told me.

First before we get to the point of posting of her recent letter, there are few things that she has mentioned.

Her companion is Sister Robinson, I am not quiet sure how long Sister Robinson has been out, but, she has not received any care packages at all. I am not even sure if she has received any letters. She likes Almond Joy. Erin just felt really bad for her. Any care packages you do send, Erin has expressed she will be sharing them with Sister Robinson.

If you send a care package, Erin does like snacks, but they have to be healthy snacks. Erin can not eat chocolate, and anything high in fat, is not good, it makes her ill. I sent one, and it had things like fruit snacks like roll ups, pringles, baked chips, cinnamon Struesel muffins, she does not like blueberry. No meat sticks. Brownies maybe okay. She likes rice cakes or popcorn cakes, especially the carmel ones.

The things that she will always need, Stamps, double A batteries (for her camera), and if she is anything like me she will come back with a thousand pictures. At this point she has already taken 200 and she has been out for three weeks. She loves getting letters and pictures of people she knows. This way she can show her friends or ward friends who we are.

Also she still need some clothes, blouses she wears X-large and her primary colors in her wardrobe is black, purple, navy, white. She also needs skirts, the skirts need to be long and the same size.

Sending money is also good, and can be used for other things that I have not thought of.

The things she needs still needs, socks, she likes crew (midway) or ankle socks. She would love to have church appropriate music, like classical music. The guidelines are really strict and she can only have Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Church songs, classical music, or calm instrumental.

Erin was in the MTC for two weeks, she went to Pennsylvania on the May 6th. She had to go to the emergency room with her companion Sister Cook in Provo. She had a very bad rash. That night they only slept 2 hours after getting back from the ER. With the plane, and getting to the field, in two days she had only slept 6 hours and arrived very sleep deprived and sick, throwing up. After much needed sleep she and her companion Sister Robinson started tracking and on a first visit has already got her first baptism lined up in a month.

Erin seems to be doing really well, she is extremely happy and bubbly and she is enjoying herself. I can already tell from her letters, she is maturing, her testimony is growing, and she is filled with the love of Christ.

Here is her current address:

Sister Erin Logan Candice Kingsford (I have put Sister Erin L.C. Kingsford)
State College University 2nd
10 Vairo blvd. #32B
State College, PA 16803

Now for her letter:

"Hello Everyone,

It has been only five days since I entered the MTC and yet if feels like it has been much longer. Let me introduce you to the members of my district. There is me Sister Kingsford obviously and then there is my companion Sister Cook. She is a mix of my mom and my sister, Virginia. We get along well Then there is Sister Lassent and her companion Sister Smith. We sisters get along real well.  Just last night we were all involved in helping Sister Cook find an outfit to ear for the day.

Then we have the elders. There are 4 in our district. There is Elder Jones and his companion Elder Gassant. These two elders are our zone leaders. Then we have Elder Hansen and Elder Smith. Elder Smith is our district leader. He picks up our mail and is in charge of leading us. Of Sister Cook and I, Sister Cook is the senior companion. It should be changing either today or tomorrow.

Now on to Personal Day or as it is called P-day. Originally our P-Day was supposed to be Monday (tomorrow) but our schedules changed it into Thursday. Although it has caused us some problems mainly having to do with laundry, we worked the kinks out thankfully. On Thursday (our P-Day) we will also be albe to visit the temple. A downside to changing schedules is that we are losing our current teachers -Brother Ferguson and Sister Clark. We had some tearful goodbyes and all of us promised to write or email.

Brother Ferguson promised to send us wedding invitations as he (just got recently engaged actually) to another teacher who was two doors down from our classroom.

As a district we get along well. As Sister Cook has said we are a family first but friends as well. Two days ago we had the elders in our district give two blessings for sickness. One for me as I had a rather nasty reaction to a vaccine I had received. For Sister Lassen who was sick with a cold and had a couple other issues of concern. Sister Lassen is getting better and has returned back to our scheduled classes. After some rest and medicine I was as well. Although, Sister Lassen still has some cold symptoms and she no longer feels nauseated.

Some of the challenges we all have noticed is not addressing each other as guys and girls but sisters and Elders. Each of us has slipped up a time or two, some more than that, in each of our lessons and practices (with someone playing an investigator) we have had challenges. There have been a lot of tears even from the elders. One major things we have learned is to use our questions that we ask the investigations to prompt thoughts, soul searching, and commitment. It is a simple process but a useful one. Our district has been told a few times that is good to that we take the time to practice what we learned as a group and practice during our doctrinal time.

In a meaning with our Branch President he said he got two conflicting schedules and we'll find out what is going on with our schedules tonight after dinner. (For flying to Pennsylvania)

Right now we we came back from around the Provo temple and we got several photos -121 total. I'll try to send a few.

Sister Erin Kingsford

P.S. I leave the MTC May 6th!"

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