Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hi All,

Just so you know this is Erin's new address. She did get transferred and I am sure she would really appreciate letters and care packages.

Sister Erin Kingsford
515-2 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA
Last Monday was an interesting pday. It was far different from any others I had seen. First off, it was just my companion and I. Second off, I had my eyebrows waxed. Yeah, you read that right, they were waxed. Courtesy of a salon that Sister Stovall took my too. That night we visited a potential named Tracey and got her information. Then we walked down the street to talk with a guy named James. He is monotone. "It is true for you but not for me" he kept saying. We then went to meet a less active named Chanty but he stood us up! Instead we meet Rhonda who was interested in meeting with us. We then went over to a former. We had no idea why we were there until we got to talking to her and then after several calls and a long conversation discovered that if we hadn't gone there, then the service project on the next Saturday would have not happened. Once we left Sue we went to meet with Zach and Flora and their friend, Steve who is interested in learning more. We had smores with them and talked about the Restoration. They are going to General Conference next Sunday!
Tuesday was a busy day! It began with us at the food cupboard. We bagged potatoes for two hours. We meet with Martha and did a mock baptismal interview. She was stuck on knowing the exact answer and she was nervous. We were able to talk with her and help her work through it. We then meet with Nate who has been in a bad place for some time and is trying to work his way back. They meet him when they went to go visit his grandfather, who is a less active. After a short dinner we met Margot at the church, she is dating a recent convert named Daniel (he is submitting his papers in Febrauary) and just moved back here to attend the University. She wants to believe in Jesus and know him but is struggling with it. She said that she is envious of those who KNOW Him.
Wednesday we decided to walk to the library. On our way there we met Helena. She has 15 kids and was stabbed 16 times by her husband. He had been in jail and no one let her know that he had been let out early. She is living at a woman's shelter until she can find a new place to live. We had a lesson with Martha about the talk "The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland. We met a woman named LeAnn while we went to visit old potentials. She lost one of her sons to SIDS. That night we cleaned the car and then headed to calm down Martha before her interview. Martha had her baptismal interview and she is being baptized on the 26th!
We had zone conference on Thursday. The night before and that morning, Sister Stovall dolled me up. I was able to see Sister Robinson and Sister Yates. We talked about Grace during zone conference. When I went up to hug Sister Yates, she didn't recognize me! Later in the day, I ended up with a migraine.
Friday both of us were down and out. I had a migraine and she was having problems with her stomach. Her stomach problems led into the majority of the next day. We went to dinner and did some weekly planning.

Sunday - Margot and Martha were at church. Margot had Dan with her. We were able to visit Janice after church. We had lesson with Martha about grace. In our companionship inventory, it was decided that this week we needed to focus on getting to know each other.

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