Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 11th and 12th - the Final Days of My Mission

On Monday my release was approved. After several calls my flight was determined to be on the next day. I was going home. We had dinner that night with the Sherksnas family. We ended up going with the elders to a lesson because they had no ride. I said goodbye to the elders and Brother Todd that night.

 On Tuesday, to our surprise when we went outside, not only was it cold but had snowed and still was. After a long car ride to the Harrisburg airport I waited for my plane. Once we landed I went to my connecting flight. By 5 PM I was back in San Antonio, Texas. I was released as a full time missionary in a little under an hour. I was home and the name tag was off. THE END

One of the last days with a fellow missionary...Elder Justin Palmer whom is now home just as I am!

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