Thursday, December 12, 2013

October 28, 2013

October 21, 2013 to October 27, 2013

 Monday morning Sister Stovall woke up sick - she was throwing up. We did emailing and groceries. The she slept. I died dishes, laundry, and cleaned the bathroom. We had dinner with Sister Meaders and Sister Evans. We then went to talk with a part member family (I had a prompting to visit them - we hadn't been able to catch them before). He said to call his wife sometime during the week. We then went back and worked on the area map.

 Tuesday morning I put in an order for a food cupboard tshirt during the time we were there bagging potatoes. After we had lunch we worked on the area book. We then tracted for some time and met a woman named Hershey who told us to come back the next day between 10 AM and 1 PM. From there we went to meet with Jose and Gabby. While with Jose and Gabby we talked with them about the Plan of Salvation. The lesson was amazing and part way through the lesson a friend of Gabby, Sammy, joined us. It wasn't to much later that we got a text from Margot saying that she was sick. We had dinner with the Dicks and went to meet with Don. Th lesson went well and was focused.

 Wednesday was slow. Hershey wasn't home so we picked up where we left off and continued to tract the neighborhood. While tracting we met a woman named Rhianna whom asked us to come back at another time. They went by fast after then and soon we were heading back in.

 Thursday I hit my six month mark. During out time spent on, Amy called and cancelled our lesson with her. We had lunch and then went to visit Hershey. We weren't able to talk with Hershey but instead we spoke with her husband, Nick. He told us to not come back, they weren't interested. We went further on in the area and continued to tract. Mainly no one was home or was rather forceful in their rejection of learning more. We then went to meet with Brother Stanley about the commandment keeping the Sabbath day holy. After out meeting with him we went to go see Rhianna but there was no answer. We then dropped by a less active member's home - Corrine - and talked with her to get to know her. From there we went to eat with the Empie family. After dinner we followed up with a few people that we met while tracting. We continued tracting until we needed to be inside.

 Friday I woke up a with a sinus infection - I was not happy. We went out anyway later in the day but all our planned lessons fell through. When we arrived at the Forsbergs home the Elders were still getting their hair cut. Soon the night was over and were soon in for the night.

 Saturday we headed out a little earlier then usual to help out with the Priest/Laurel conference. The conference was focused on being a missionary - the theme being a mini MTC. As part of the Priest/Laurel Conference the missionaries taught the Priests and Laurels about the things they would need to know as a missionary - sewing a button on, ironing shirts, fixing bikes, reading maps, and so on. We then had district meeting while one by one we were pulled out by the mission president for interviews. Not much later we were asked (Sister Stovall and I) to join the panel for the sisters. The Laurels were introduced to each of the sister sisters and soon Question and Answer started. There was a wide variety of questions asked. Once time was up we went to do studies. A little bit into companionship studies we were joined by the Elders. Not to much later we were headed back. We had dinner with Brother Todd and the Elders at a diner that Brother Todd liked. With that we headed back in to work on weekly planning.

 Sunday began with church. After church we went to see Janice. She told us that kids were coming by for trick or treating. Sister Dick volunteered to come and dress Janie up as a witch. She was so cute! After we saw Janice we went to do studies. I spent my studies focused on the definition of friends, what do you do for friends, how to be a better friend/companion, and then creating my promise to put in effect what I leaned. We then met with Martha, Brother Todd came along with us. We watched the Mormon message "None were with Him". From there we ate with the Dicks. Then we headed back in to finish weekly planning.

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