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October 21,2013

October 14, 2013 - October 20, 2013

 Monday was thankfully a pday so we were able to get a lot done in preparation for the week. Once pday was over though we changed back into proselyting clothes. We headed to dinner with the Sanfords (he is the bishop of the ward). When we arrived at their house we discovered that the Elders were already there and they were playing football with the bishop while the burgers cooked. After dinner we were set to visit John and Wendy (an older less active couple), however we had received a call that Wendy was still sick so they were unable to meet with us. So following a prompting that Sister Stovall had we headed to drop off cookies for a woman in the ward. We lended an ear and set up a time to come back and help her what had been stressing her.

 Tuesday began like any other Tuesday at the Food Cupboard. When we arrived Martha asked us to sweep up glass in the street (on one of the sides of the food cupboard there was a lot of broken glass). The rest of out time there was spent bagging potatoes - we found a few nasties (that we tossed as usual) but it was a great time. We left earlier than usual to head back and have lunch. After lunch we spent several hours working on the area book. Once we found a stopping point with the area book we went to visit Gary and Jennifer (a couple we had run into the Sunday previous) only to discover them not home. We went to meet with Zach only to discover him not home. We met Shawn and Shawn (confusing anyone?). We spoke with them for several minutes and left them a couple pamphlets each with Books of Mormon. Then we met Amy. We had spoken with her husband a couple days before (on Sunday) and while he was not interested in what we had to say he believed it would greatly benefit her. She had been through a lot, medically and emotionally, but was still going strong. As we had run out of Books of Mormon (none were with us), Sister Stovall left her quad with her so that she could read from the Book of Mormon. We then went to meet with Jose and Gabby (father and daughter). At one point during the lesson we asked Gabby what she felt about what we were teaching. Her response "it feels good". We then rushed to the Strine's home fro a lesson with Margot. I don't remember much from the lesson but I remember that when Margot was praying that she told God that she hoped He had a good day. From there we went to meet with Don and had an amazingly focused lesson with Brother Todd.

 Wednesday morning was amazingly spiritual as we had out last District Meeting as a district. Our topic of discussion was "ways we've done good in the past and ways we want to leave the world better". A common line of thought was what we were doing in the future - job, family, and so on. A random comment had the rest of the missionaries agreeing with my trainer that I'd make a great children's book writer. Because of it my major is being taken into consideration for change. After the meeting was over we talked, ate, played games, took photos (the last of our district). Then it was time to say goodbye to Elder Justin Palmer. It was his last week on the mission. Once goodbyes were over we headed to Brother Stanley's home. We let him know we were there and he followed us to a members home. The lesson was spent helping him makes connections. Then we went to meet with Amy. The spirit was thick as Sister Stovall issued the baptismal invitation for November 30. Before Sister Stovall could finish asking her, Amy was nodding her head in agreement. Later that night we went to visit Genea (she scared me the first time I met her) and dropped off some cookies. We spoke with her for several minutes about her life and how she was doing.

 Thursday we worked on the area book in the morning at the Forsberg home. Then we headed out to help a woman in the ward we had talked with on Monday. The elders helped out with cleaning as well. We headed back and then cleaned up before heading to meet with Jose and Gabby. He processed during the lesson while she asked questions. We then went to meet with Amy. While we were there the lesson went to pieces when the children flooded the bathroom. We were able to watch a Mormon message with Amy and her kids before we left. That night Stephanie was a no show. Sister Stovall felt off. She wasn't sure why. We went to visit Jane, a former before we went in for the night.

 Friday was painful. I had been having constant stomach pains with no explanation. That morning the pain was at its worst. I called the mission doctor and he had me take my temperature - I had a low grade fever. He had me go to a clinic. The clinic then had us go the ER due to the need for tests needing to be done right away. While we were waiting for my blood to be taken a code came over the intercom. While laying there I could hear doctors and nurses talking/shouting. Then I heard them use the paddles. I wasn't sure how long this all took. As a missionary we are asked to share the gospel at all times and in all places in anyway possible. However at the moment I felt helpless to do anything so I prayed. When I opened my eyes once again I saw Sister Stovall bowing her head in prayer. A nurse walked in and Sister Stovall asked how the man next door was doing. All the nurse could tell us was that he was in critical condition.

 Saturday I slept off the side effects of the medication.

 Sunday there was a much and mingle. I don't remember much of that day except having Dory from Finding Nemo saying "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming". It was also official Sister Stovall and I were to remain companions for the next transfer.

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